White Christmas


Music By Irvin Berlin’s – Director Nikolai Foster –
Choreographed By Stephen Mear

White Christmas continues at the Dominion Theatre, London until 4th January 2020

It wasn’t difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit as I arrived at the Dominion Theatre, London, on Monday evening. Welcomed by a trio of female singers harmonising beautifully accompanied by a big band in the giant foyer, with a twin staircase decorated with sparkling Christmas decorations.

As I took my seat, I could already detect from the energy and excitement in the auditorium, that I was about to witness something very spectacular and rather special. So, it was no surprise as the curtain went up and the opening re-enactment of the attack on Pearl Harb with president Roosevelt declaring war on the Japanese enemy in a radiobroadcast, sent a little shiver down my spine.

We were then transported forward eight years, to the story of an American General, played by Michael Brandon, who has fallen on hard times due to his New England ski resort having no snow. Two of his former servicemen come to his rescue, now as a song and dance team (Danny Mac and Dan Burton) in the company of two showgirls (Danielle Hope and Clare Halse). They put on a benefit show for the General and it successfully draws the crowds. A magical moment for the audience when the snow falls prettily from the rafters of the Dominion.

The entire production is performed with flair, class, enthusiasm and an energy that is truly addictive. The wonderful sounds of Irving Berlin’s musical compositions are sung effortlessly. The support of a very versatile band, who are sited on a spilt level stage, never fail to deliver an excellent sound but also maintain and demonstrate pure enjoyment in their performance.

Stephen Mears’ stunning choreography once again delivers a fine example of timeless Broadway, balletic styles, full on tap routines – in one the chorus girls are in close harmony tapping away on a white Steinway piano. Then, the most captivating of routines in which Dan Burton and Clare Halse sing and dance to the beautiful song “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing” whilst moving around on an entrancing planetary stage set. Truly Magical!

Dan Burton and Clare Halse make the most agreeable, graceful pairing and both deliver panache. Danny Mac’s singing voice is stunning and his dancing, excellent. Brenda Edwards stunned the audience as she belted out “Let Me Sing and I’m happy “. Her warmth and sincerity felt by audience.
The entire ensemble embraced every move and every song with enthusiasm, energy and style.

White Christmas – old fashioned entertainment it may be but is an injection of sparkle, magic, warmth and sincerity from a timeless musical. A must see!

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